Southcoast Diving Supplies

seal1Albany's local dive store since 1978.

Since its establishment in 1978, Southcoast Diving Supplies has continued to grow and offer the local and visiting divers on the south coast of Western Australia a unique underwater adventure.

While remaining the oldest established regional professional dive stores in Western Australia and now in its third decade of operation, Southcoast Diving Supplies is well known for the care and service that we offer our customers from local, far and wide.

coralLocal diving is amazing.

With two dive wrecks, including the HMAS Perth, and a host of island dive sites, there's a lot to see in Albany.

Divers can expect to find a diverse range of sealife including, large docile blue groper, the shy & elusive sea dragons, playful seals, an abundance of colourful sponges and corals and other temperate water marine life. Check out our gallery or go to our YouTube Channel.

AND we dive year round. For a basic run down on how we run our dive charters take a look at our charter info sheet.


We offer an extensive range of services including, SSI diver training (from entry level to instructor), equipment hire, sales and service, dive charters, air & nitrox fills & cylinder testing.

seadragon3Our staff are always happy to assist with their broad knowledge of the local dive sites so you have the best information before venturing out on your own underwater adventure!

If you join us on a dive charter we will take you to sites such as the former HMAS Perth wreck, the Cheynes III (scuttled in 1982 as the first prepared dive wreck in Australia), the Cables, the Caves, Seal Cove, Michealmas Reef and more.

Not experienced or confident? We have fantastic dive leaders who can help you enjoy the dive safely.

So what are you waiting for come and join the crowd for your underwater adventure!