First Responder

Need first aid certification for yourself or for work? We can help.

firstaid1Courses we offer include:

HLTFA201A Provide basic emergency life support

HLTFA301B Apply first aid

HLTFA402B Apply advanced first aid

HLTCPR201A Perform CPR

HLTFA404A Apply advanced rescusitation techniques

Scheduling: Most courses run over two days, usually a weekend. If you have a large group we may be able to provide an alternative schedule for you. Take a look at what we do!

Apply First Aid (2 days)
The fundamentals of First Aid.
We’ll show you how to look for danger and make a basic assessment of injuries. You’ll learn how to deal with incidents such as burns, snake bites and broken bones, building up to CPR.

Apply Advanced 1ST Aid (2 days)

firstaid2Building on the basics.
This course covers advanced first aid response, life support, incident and casualty management until the arrival of medical assistance. How to safely use oxygen and automatic electronic defibrillators may also be included. 

Home study
Some level of home-study is a component of all of our first aid courses. The Active First Aid Manual is included in most courses and you’ll be asked read certain sections ahead of the course. Home-study in your own time is required prior to the course.

 NRTColLogoCourse Accreditation
All of our Respond Right courses are nationally recognised training