Open Water Diver

Ready to dive in to a whole new world?


We want you to be the best diver you can be so our SSI OPEN WATER DIVER course gives you a fun, safe and comprehensive start to a totally different experience!

Most courses include four open water (ocean) dives but with us, you are guaranteed six open water dives because we want you to feel more confident and comfortable as a new diver.  

SSI (Scuba Schools International) training is recognised internationally and is nationally recognised in Australia.


To make ensure our students become safe divers we follow the SSI diver diamond. We give all our student divers:diverdiamond

  • Proper knowledge
  • Proper skills
  • Proper equipment
  • Proper experience

Your first experience with scuba is in the safety of the pool. We help you build up your skills and understanding, progressing to genuine diving experience in open water. By the second day of the course, we take you to real dive sites that are perfect for learning. You’ll see for yourself how amazing diving in Albany can be!


To keep you comfortable and make diving enjoyable, SSI's Comfort Through Repetition teaching method comes in to play throughout the course. Some of the skills we teach you include: 

  • Finning techniques
  • Breathing comfortably under water 
  • Buoyancy control on the surface & underwater
  • Choosing the safest and easiest ways to enter and exit the water, and 
  • How to get water out of your mask without having to take it off (mask clearing)

As a diver you also need to understand the basics of the equipment you use. We show you how to adjust and maintain your equipment to extend its life and improve performance. We also help you with tips on the best diving equipment to suit your needs and budget. 


To keep classroom time down and give you more time in the water, SSI's teaching system includes a student manual for home study. There’s also online material and a DVD to watch.



Our Open Water Diver course is usually run over 2 consecutive weekends, (1 x Friday night, 2 x Saturdays and Sundays). However, if you want to get a group of friends together we can plan a course timetable to suit your needs. Up-coming courses are listed on our calendar

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