Fish Study

South Coast Diving Supplies has joined South Coast NRM and scientists from the University of Western Australia to help with an ongoing fish monitoring program.

Fish Surveys 2013 Jun 002-16The study is gauging the number and size of local fish populations with the aim of helping sustainable management.

To do this, volunteer divers jump in the water with a DOV (diver operated video) and take a video record of sections of reef (or ‘transects’). From the footage the number and species of fish is recorded. The dual camera system means we can also measure the length of fish to within a few millimetres and from that it’s possible to work out the weight of the fish.

The study will provide some of the first detailed recording of our south coast marine life. It will allow scientists to monitor changes in the local ecosystem and in turn help our government and departments make good marine-management decisions.

Check out what it looks like.

If you would like to get involved, send us an email or give us a call.