Little Beach - Two Peoples Bay

Little Beach

Location/Access: Go east from Albany on Lower King Road and follow signs to Two Peoples Bay. Take a right hand turn, following signs to Little Beach. There is a gravel carpark, with steps down to a small, white-sand beach. There are drop toilets here and at the main Two Peopels Bay beach. This area is part of a nature reserve. It's advisable to get your equipment ready in the carpark and walk down ready to get in the water.

Description: Once you've come down to the beach you'll see a granite outcrop on the left hand side of the beach (as you are facing out to the water). Enter from shore and follow the rocks and bommies keeping them on your left hand side. There are a range of colourful bommies and outcroppings that are home to a big variety of marine life including flathead, western blue devils, occasional sea dragons, footballer fish and more. Average depth is around 14m.

Depth: to 18m

Diver Level: Beginner up

Visibilty: Average 15m metres but variable. Visibility can be reduced significantly during extended easterly swells.

Conditions: This site is sheltered from most wind conditions, apart from easterlies. Make your decision to dive based on your experience and assessment of the conditions at the time.