Mistaken Island

Mistaken Island

Location/Access: Follow Frenchman Bay Road out towards Whale World. Take a left turn on to Quaranup Road (before The Gap Road). Towards the end of the road there is a u-bend corner with Mistaken Island Road on the left hand side. Take this gravel road to the end where there is a carpark. Steps lead down to the beach. It's advisable to get your equipment ready in the carpark and walk down ready to get in the water.

Description: Heading out to the island divers pass a spattering of small bommies that lead from the shore to the island. For the best diving follow the island around to the right (south side). Amongst the fringing kelp bed you'll find small gatherings of leatherjackets, silver drummers and big eyes. As you head around divers find cabbage coral where cuttlefish and octopus can occasionally be found. Depening on your air consumption you may be able to circumnavigate the island or simply turn around (you'll often see even more!). Average depth 8-12m. 

Depth: to 16m

Diver Level: Beginner up

Visibilty: Up to 15 metres but variable. Visibility can be reduced following extended easterly swells.

Conditions: Great year round. This site is sheltered from most wind conditions, apart from easterlies. Obviously make your decision to dive based on your experience and assessment of the conditions at the time.