Dive Sites

coralAlbany has a host of amazing dive sites, with diving all year round.

Our premier site is the former HMAS Perth. It's stunning and best of all it's suitable for all divers from beginner to technical. Other sites we dive regularly for our charters include Seal Cove, The Cheynes III, The Cables and The Caves.

Some of what we find in the water also changes with the season. At different times of the year we will see different types of fish and breeding activities.

In summer, the water temperature ranges from 20 to 23 degrees. In winter, it's about 5 to 6 degrees cooler. 

We have 30 years diving experience in the Albany region, so whether you're interested in a charter or want to dive on your own, we can give you the low-down on these sites and a whole lot more. 

Beginner or professional, drop in or give us a call, we can point you in the right directions for all weather conditions.

Shore Dives