Seal Cove

Seal Cove #1

sealcoveLocation: Northern side of Breaksea Island, 250m from eastern end.

Description: Resident seals laze on the rocks just waiting to enjoy the company of any diver and ready to perform for photographers. In the very corner of this cove is an interesting rock overhang which is sometimes subject to surge. Taking a torch will bring out the colours of the sponges and coral even more. Out from this cave the depth drops off into 15 – 18m and you will find some interesting plate corals and gutters lined with Gorgonian fans. Port jackson shark may be found resting on the sandy areas between rocky outcrops.

Depth: 2 - 18m      Diver level: Open Water +

Visibility: Fair to good (12 - 20m)

Conditions: This site is sheltered from all winds barring strong windes from N – E.

Seal Cove #2

  Location: Approximately 80m north of the cove.seal1

Description: Here you will find a group of bommies that have some of the biggest gorgonian fans on their walls you are likely to see. Along with these fans are spires of southern black coral and the brittle star that makes them their host entwined in their branches. On the sand at the base of these bommies large king george whiting swim in schools. Reef fish of many species can be seen along the swim throughs. This site always has something new to offer with a broad range of marine life living on and visiting the site.

Depth: 18 - 30m

Diver lever: Experienced Open Water +

Visibility: Generally a good 20m. Visibility can be reduced during an extended easterly swell.

Conditions: This site is sheltered from all winds barring any strong from N – E.