Bluey's Canyon

Bluey's Canyon

Location: SW corner of Breaksea Island. This site should only be dived on days with little or no swell due to its exposure to the open ocean.

Description: Bluey's Canyon is 5 – 6m wide and approximately 300m long. The canyon's walls towering above you as you make your way along. Starting the dive from the deep end, you slowly make your way towards the island you see the walls covered sponges on which cowry shells are often seen. There are  many deep ledges in which the occasional crayfish may be living along with resident wobbegongs (carpet sharks). The canyon is home to large blue groper and queen snapper, that swim about unafraid of the divers.

Depth: 9 – 45m

Diver level: Advanced +

Visibility: Up to 20m, depending on conditions

Conditions: Best on calm conditions and no swell.