Charter Info

Our charters are run on weekends and weekdays, diver numbers and weather permitting. We need a minimum of four divers to run a charter.


All charters include are double dives, offering you two dives at sites such as the HMAS Perth wreck or on our reef/island sites such as Seal Cove, The Cables or the Cheynes III. Where we dive is decided by the skipper based on weather conditions so that we can give you the best possible dive for the day. Wherever we can we take divers to their preferred dive sites.


Divers meet at the dive store on Serpentine Road (directly behind the Caltex fuel station at the top of York St) at 7.30am to finalise any payments, complete waivers and fit out equipment if required (It is preferable that any equipment hire is arranged prior to the day of the Charter). When all is complete and equipment is loaded onto the boat, we travel down to the Albany Town Jetty Marina and boat ramp, which is about 5mins drive away, to launch the boat.


During our surface interval of 1 hr minimum we offer hot drinks, soups and biscuits. We generally return from our charters about 1.30pm.



Double dive charter with full equipment hire (including two cylinders)                    $225

Double dive charter with no equipment hire                                                            $150

Cylinder hire (Air only)                                                                                             $15

Cylinder hire (Nitrox 32%*)                                                                                      $25

*Divers must have proof of Nitrox certification.

Air fills                                                                                                                      $10

*All prices subject to change without notice


Full equipment hire includes: 5mm one piece wetsuit and hooded over suit, mask & snorkel, fins, weight belt, boots, currently in service regulator, computer with SPG, BCD and two cylinders.


During the summer months water temperatures range from 21 to 23 degrees.


If you’d like to see what local diving looks like, please visit our website gallery.


How to book

To secure your place on a charter we need following details;


  • Name of diver/s


  • Contact details by which you can be contacted at late notice!! (this is important)


  • Certification level, when you last dived and how many dives you have logged.


  • Day & Date of dive


  • Credit card details (only charged in the event of a no-show or if divers are so late they “miss the boat!”)


  • Any hire gear required


These details can be emailed to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via phone - 08 98417176. We recommend that you call and confirm your charter and bookings the day before.



If Southcoast Diving Supplies cancels a charter a full refund is applicable of any monies paid.

Divers who cancel after 4pm the day before their charter will be charged full payment.




We dive year round!

We have an amazing  range of dive sites to show you around Albany, including the HMAS Perth and Cheynes III wrecks and island diving sites such as Seal Cove, The Cables, Breaksea Cove, The Caves, Fingers, Michaelmas Reef, Gio Batta Patch and Herald Reef.

batfish0With Goanna II, we can take up to eight divers. For larger groups we may charter a larger vessel which can take up to 30 divers. We have stacks of hire gear if you don't have your own.

Getting to our dive sites takes 15 to 35 minutes depending on the conditions. Before getting in the water we give divers a site and safety briefing. 

All our boat charters are DOUBLE DIVES with maximum dive times of one hour, air and no-deco time allowing.


Our charters usually run from 7.30/8am till around 12.30pm. If you have a group and would like to organise a different schedule, let us know. We can also provide a dive guide.

For any charter, our dive destinations are decided by the skipper and ultimately dependent on appropriate weather conditions because want you to give you the best diving and have a great time!

Click here for charter pricing.

To find out more check out our Boat Charters page, our charter info sheet or make a booking give us a call or email us.