The Cables

The Cables

 Location: Northern side of Breaksea Island, under the lighthouse - 100m offshore.

Description: Named after an old mainland communication cable that's tangled around and through the site. This site is a maze of tall bommies providing some of Albany’s best diving. Large fan & plate corals, sponges coat the bommies. Those with a sharp eye will find scorpion fish, western blue devils and nudibranchs. Large blue groper are also found cruising around this site. Like walking through the high rise area of a busy city, this site has hundreds of busy fish found in narrow deep swim throughs. Slip down between these granite walls and enjoy a spectacular dive.

Depth: 8 - 28m

Diver level: Open Water + 

Visibility: Good all year round.

Conditions: All winds barring NW – NE. Protected from any southerly swell.


The Caves

The Caves

Bison Cave Location: SE corner of Michealmas Island. Identified by a jumble of broken rocks on the SE corner of Michealmas Island. Anchor on the sand line and swim in. 

Description: This is “Dive Albany” at some of it’s best. Discover huge caves, gorgonian fans, colourful sponges, shells, prolific fish life and the famous “Grinding Rock”. Swim around these amazing rock formations, feel and hear the grinding as this huge rock moves with the water. It’s both frightening and exciting at the same time. Swim through the many caves and grottos, which seem to go on forever. A torch is a must for looking into cracks and crevasses. You will be back.

Depth: 7-286

Diver level: Open Water + (note: overhead environments are not recommended for divers without appropriate training)


Conditions: Best dived with 0 – 1m swell & SW – N winds as the surge can be quite severe inside these caves. Exposed to the easterlies.

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